1. Craziest barrels I’ve seen. Maybe a glimpse of Nadilo’s Japan trip at the end.

  2. nbaoffseason:

    Because we at NBAO think about you, here is an early Valentine’s gift for all the basketball ladies.

    So girl close the blinds, let your hair down, light up that Red Velvet Yankee Candle, and enjoy this video of Tim Duncan doing outlet passes set to Keith Sweat*

    *to be read in the smooth, dulcet tones of Boyz II Men’s Michael McCary

    (via TBJ & 48minutesofhell)

  3. Best video I’ve seen for a while - conditions are my idea of perfection.


  5. We gotta go here immediately. My ultimate wave I think. Big, but I can live with that if the shape is this nice….

  6. A bit of a soft porn theme going on here. I thought you’d all like it though and I’m going for a high art angle here anyway - no smut on this page.



  10. THOMAS CAMPBELL - At the end of the summer I was commissioned to make a short film piece for the New York based fashion brand Tory Burch  - I had this Cadillac sitting around for a few years that was from another movie idea that went south„,and i really wanted to do something with it ,before it naturally moved on to someone else.. Anyhow, I came up with this basic idea of a rural journey to a secluded day at the beach,with a little logging, via the caddy and we were off. I got to work with my friend the great shaper and maximum stylist Tanner Praire, as well as the elegant and graceful waterbug Danica Elbertse„and another bathing beauty Shannon Lewis. My long time friend and producer Ben Dossett tied all the loose ends together as he does so amazingly and my wife Tiffany help me capture some of the moving images, as well as budding surf film maker George Trimm,thanks gals and guys. Oh, also Galaxia Recording artists - the Mattson 2 supplied the sounds with there amazing track ” Man from Anamnesis”. I am not going to tell you where we filmed this„but lets just say it was filmed in the bottom half of California. This 5 minute cut„is kind of the directors cut.So i guess, lay back and enjoy the ride and the glide. - T.Campbell Bonny Doon